Liquisorb Super Absorbent Disposable Bed Sheet


Liquisorb Absorbent Disposable Bed Sheets providing comfort and protection and eliminating the need for multiple pad use.
Packet Quantity: 70
Carton Quantity: 1

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Liquisorb Super Absorbent Disposable Bed Sheet

For maximum comfort and care. Liquisorb Absorbent Disposable Bed Sheets are plastic backed and have a cotton-feel. These bed sheets provide complete comfort and protection. These air-permeable pads with their innovative back sheets only allow air to flow through whilst acting as a barrier to moisture.

As a result they deliver a range of feature like patient and comfort skin integrity for the patients.

Main Points:

- High absorbency and great strength eliminates the need of multiple pad use

- Increasingly lower cost achieved by significantly reducing the need for reusable underpads, drawsheets and bed linen

- Can be used on standard beds as well as air support therapy beds

- Simple and easy to use - Inside each sheet, the newly developed "Supercore', a thin, thermo-bonded absorbent sheet which keeps the skin exceptionally dry by trapping the fluid and ensures pad reliability

- Absorb up to 1800mls of liquid

- Also ideal for absorption of fluid spills where the surface of the operating table, bed or floor needs to remain dry.

Product Code GM6090
Brand Liquisorb
Size 600mm x 900mm
Carton Quantity 1
Packet Quantity 70