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  • The 99.999% killing power of Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes eliminates viruses and bacteria.
  • Quality Gloves that provide maximum comfort & strength, preventing contact with harmful microbes.
  • Global Medics provides quality product & prompt, professional service to Aged Care providers, Hospitals & Theatres.
  • Clinell Alcohol Gel contains a formula, which combines 70% alcohol & additional biocides; Aloe Vera & Green Tea extracts.
  • Natural Disasters? Are you prepared? We can supply you with products that will equip you for these events...

TV One News Article

Welcome to Global Medics

The Global Medics Group is a young dynamic company servicing the Australasian market with unique and niche products to the four Key Healthcare market segments – Aged Care, Theatre/Surgical, Hospital and Pharmacy/IT.

Specialisations focusing on: Infection Control,  Pharmacy Automation and Management, Continence Management, Lean Inventory Management and Mobile Computing.

Mission Statement