inside a pad

1. A coloured strip denotes product absorbency and assists with day-to-day product selection.

2. Dual-Wetness Indicators are used to identify when the pad is ready to be changed.

3. The Quick Absorption Scale is an easy reference point to demonstrate the pads absorption capability.

4. Integrated anti-leak cuffs made from hydrophobic material ensure all urine is absorbed directly into the pad.

5. Leg elastics maintain a close, comfortable fit to the user's body.

6. The soft Acquisition Layer makes the product more comfortable for the user and promotes the fast passage of urine through to the Hybatex Absorption Core.

7. The Hybatex Absorption Core contains Super Absorbent Posder (SAP) which locks away urine in the form of a gel, keeping the user dry. An odour control system "Active ODS" helps to prevent the formation of ammonia and maintain healthy skin.

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