Global Medics Continence Products Supplier Ontex is committed to sustainable business practices which are seen to be integral with good corporate governance. Having won the "Better Environment Award for Industry" in 1996, Ontex has continued to demonstrate its commitment to the environment through its activies and product development.

Ontex specifies that its own activities and those of its suppliers meet both environmental codes of practise and codes of fair and ethical conduct. The principles that Ontex employs in caring for the environment are covered by the following:


Raw Materials

Suppliers must demonstrate environmental management systems that ensure:


 - Responsible sourcing - for example pulp must only come from certified forests. Third party certification is preferred.

 - Sustainability - only materials bleached with non elemental chlorine are considered suitable for use.

 - Traceability & Chain of Custody - to verify compliance with corporate policies and national legislation.

 - Energy consumption - sourcing of energy from "renewables" with a commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


Manufacturing Process

Ontex Healthcare manufacturing processes are based on a zero waste philosophy. This was a key factor in achieving the "Better Environment Award for Industry". The key steps in the manufacturing process are:


 - Raw material usage

 - Process Flow

 - Production

 - Packaging


Based on ISO I 400 I the following prinicples are used:


 - Streaming of waste for recycling - cardboard, diecut plastic waste and plastic packaging waste.

 - Where possible rework of rejected or damaged product.

 - Conversion of non recoverable waste into combustible pellets. Clean combustion of non recoverable waste pellets generates power for the factory.

 - Zero emission policy to air, ground and water - nothing leaves the factory unless it is recycled or ready for recycling.


Policies Accreditaion

Ontex operates and adheres to the following:


 - ISO I 400 I based system

 - FDA and/or BGVV approved raw materials

 - EN 94/62 for packaging materials

 - "Der Grune Punkt" - eco packaging label


Research and Development

Enrionmental factors are key drivers in Ontex R & D projects. The environment is a key pillar of the companies current business and will be a major factor in the future. Ontex is working in two main areas - biodegradaility and sustainability, taking care to ensure that these work together and not against each other.


Primary Objectives:


 - Increasing the use of renewable resources

 - Continuous search for new raw materials to maximise biodegradability for example starch based packaging

 - Full product lifecycle evaluation

 - Continuous product development including detailed evaluation of environmental impact

 - Continuous process improvement aimed at reducing waste and energy consumption

 - Use of recycled materials for example all cardboard boxes are made out of recyled cellulose based materials

 - Logistics - load and journey optimisation reducing truck miles

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