Emergency Sleeping Bag


Windproof, waterproof bag that retains body heat in cold weather & reflects excess heat in hot conditions.
Packet Quantity: 1
Carton Quantity: 25

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Emergency Sleeping Bag
The Emergency Sleeping Bag is ideal in any climate, it retains body heat in cold weather, and reflects excess heat in hotter conditions. The Emergency Sleeping Bag has a windproof and waterproof exterior and an absorbent interior, it is also easy to stote and carry.

The Emergency Sleeping Bag can be used entirely on it's own, can be used inside another sleeping bag as a protective heat retaining liner and can be used outside another sleeping bag as a protective, waterproof outside layer.
Product Code MW1004
Brand Mediwrap
Size 210cm x 87cm
Carton Quantity 25
Packet Quantity 1
The Emergency Sleeping Bag features:

- Water and wind resistant outer
- Interior lining absorbs excess of 10x product's own wight in fluids
- Soft and comfortable inner side does not lint with use
- Lightweight and compact
- Designed to be single use, although the same own can re-use many times