Critiwrap (Adult Critical Care Thermal Wrap)


A Critical Care thermal wrap for transportation of the critically ill, that provides a sudden secure, thermally retentive environment that is a total barrier to bacteria.
Packet Quantity: 1
Carton Quantity: 10

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Critiwrap (Adult Critical Care Thermal Wrap)
Critiwrap offers a system for the transportation of the critically ill when used with your choice of support equipment and Critibag. (Product Code MW1027)

This product allows the attendant to get to the patient very quickly; access to any part of the body can be made through the 'critiwrap' which is then resealed thus providing the patient with a secure, clean, thermally retentive environment free from contamination and exposure.

Used on all critical care transfers and lengthly surgical procedures.

Critiwrap is designed to maintain body heat and retain bodily fluids of critically ill and injured patients requiring transfer. Critiwrap is produced entirely from Mediwrap and textile and are constructed using a unique method, requiring no stitching.Critiwrap is designed for children up to 11 years of age, where as Paediwrap is a paediatric sized version designed for ages 11 years and above. Each product fully envelopes the patient and the built in hood ensures that only the face is exposed.

- Provides maximum warmth retention
- Total barrier or bacteria
- Highly absorbant
- Soft and comfortable inner side
- Water and wind resistant outside
- Lightweight and compact.
- Latex free
- Non-conductive and radiolucent
- Fully opens to allow easy access.
Product Code MW1026
Brand Mediwrap
Carton Quantity 10
Packet Quantity 1