Baby Thermal Wrap


A single use thermal wrap for babies & infants that maintains baby's body heat whilst providing a barrier to bacteria. No fasteners or straps for ease of use.
Packet Quantity: 1
Carton Quantity: 60

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Baby Thermal Wrap

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  • Baby Thermal Wrap
  • Baby Thermal Wrap
  • Baby Thermal Wrap
  • Baby Thermal Wrap
Mediwrap Baby is a single use thermal wrap for babies and infants. It is thermally retentive and prevents convective, evaporative, conductive and radiant heat loss.

The wrap is highly absorbent and waterproof and is designed to allow speedy and easy access to any part of the baby.

Used by paediatric retrieval teams, for transfers and surgical procedures.

This Babywrap is ideal for newborn, and babies or infants needing to be kept warm during transfers. The wrap has no fasteners or straps for ease of use and is used entirely on its own, needing no other blanket or cover.

Mediwrap Baby will not lint or disintegrate when wet, it can be used on wet babies and newborn without fear of adhesion.

This Babywrap is in use in a number of NHS maternity units and is used by midwives making home deliveries. Ideally sized for babies and small infants, Mediwrap Baby has a built in hood to enable the baby to have its head and body completely enveloped yet leave its face clear.
Product Code MW1006
Brand Plum
Size 80cm x 80cm
Carton Quantity 60
Packet Quantity 1