V-Stretch Single-Patient Use Tourniquet


The V-Stretch, pull-through, disposable tourniquet is for single-patient use. It has a soft and comfortable strap, multiple grip points and unique buckle. Designed by medical professionals for maximum comfort, ease-of-use and reduce pinching.
Packet Quantity: 100

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The V-Stretch is a pull-through, disposable tourniquet for single-patient use, designed by medical professionals for maximum comfort, ease of use and reduce pinching.

Suitable for cannulation, phlebotomy and blood donation for most hospital departments, clinics, home care nursing and ambulances.

Code Description Size
V-Stretch 3 - Green V-Stretch Single-Patient Use Tourniquet
V-Stretch 3 - Orange V-Stretch Single-Patient Use Tourniquet
Brand V-stretch
Packet Quantity 100

The global blood collection market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% from USD 8.50 billion in 2018 to USD 10.59 billion by 2022.

13,000 blood collection centers, operating in approximately 177 countries. These centers collect approximately 109 million donations annually.

1 billion blood samples taken for lab analysis per annum in Europe. Global market size estimated to be 3 billion blood samples.

830 million cannulations globally per annum. 

-        Soft and comfortable for the patient.

-        A curved ladder-effect strap to reduce pinching.

-        Easy to tighten, grip and release buckle mechanism.

-        Single patient use recommended to minimise the risk of infection.

-        Recyclable material.

-        Latex free.

How to Use V-Stretch:

How to Use V-Stretch