Detergent Wipes Pack 215


A multi-surface general cleaning and damp dusting wipe, specifically formulated to thoroughly remove dirt from all hard surfaces.
Packet Quantity: 215 wipes
Carton Quantity: 6 packets x 215 wipes

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Detergent Wipes Pack 215

Clinell Detergent Wipes provide an ideal choice for multi-surface general cleaning and damp dusting. Specially formulated to thoroughly remove dirt from hard surfaces, the wipes offer a convenient and efficient way to clean prior disinfection.

Ideal for use on: Mattresses, Bed Frames, Commodes, Table Tops, Door Handles, Wheelchairs, Desks, Chairs, Ledges, Hoists, Walking Frames, Telephones, Examination Couches and Trolleys.

Supplied in convenient dispenser packs, Clinell Detergent Wipes are alcohol and disinfectant free.

Dirt acts as a barrier between the surface and the disinfectant. To achieve maximum efficiency when disinfecting surfaces, it is therefore extremely important to clean an area before using a disinfectant.

Product Code CDW215
Brand Clinell
Color Yellow
Size 22cm x 28cm
Carton Quantity 6 packets x 215 wipes
Packet Quantity 215 wipes
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1. What are the advantages of using this product over other detergent wipes?

These Detergent Wipes are the cheapest brand on the market and for hospitals that choose to use detergent wipes, will offer them big savings on their wipe purchases per year.

2. What products does this wipe replace?

These wipes are for multi surface cleaning and damp dusting. They will replace all detergent wipes as well as detergent liquids.

3. Do i need to wear gloves when using this product?

If using this product for prolonged periods then gloves should be worn.