Clinell Contiplan Barrier Cloths 8


Clinell Contiplan Barrier Cloths
Packet Quantity: 8 wipes
Carton Quantity: 40 packets x 8 wipes

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Clinell Contiplan Barrier Cloths provide a unique 7 in 1 action of cleansing, moisturising, anti-bacterial, antipruritic, barrier protection, deodorising and soothing.

The wipes are quick and easy to use, effectively replacing traditional methods associated with continence care such as; preparing bowls of soap and water, dry wipes, cleansing foams and barrier creams.

Dermatalogically tested, Clinell Contiplan Barrier Cloths are alcohol and lanolin free, containing a patented pH neutral formula with natural plant extracts of witch hazel and chamomile which is designed to be very gentle on sensitive skin. (Designed to care for delicate skin.)

The wipes are made from thick high quality spun lace non woven and are available as individual patient packs so as to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) is an inflammation that occurs when urine and/or faeces come into contact with the skin. IAD is a complication of incontinence that compromises skin integrity, predisposes to cutaneous infection and increases the risk of pressure ulcers. Prevention of IAD is based on avoiding or minimising exposure to the skin by the application of a skin protectant. Clinell Continence Care Wipes contain 10% barrier cream to guard against unwanted moisture and provide that crucial barrier to faeces and urine and hence prevent IAD.

Product Code CON8
Brand Clinell
Size 20 x 30cm
Carton Quantity 40 packets x 8 wipes
Packet Quantity 8 wipes

Clinell Contiplan Barrier Cloths contain a patented formula with a 7 in 1 action which reduces the time consuming and equipment sensitive traditional methods of continence care. By performing this labour intensive task in one quick and easy step, Clinell Contiplan Barrier Cloths help to increase patient and staff compliance, whilst reducing the risk of hospital acquired infections associated with faecal incontinence. In addition these wipes will prevent the risk of cross-contaminating products such as cleansing foam nozzles.

Cleansing - Soap-free mild cleansing formulacleans faeces and urine effectively in one go, reducing the amount of sensitive skin handling as in traditional methods of continence care.

Moisturising - Moisturisers help to prevent the risk of dry skin that repeated washing with soap and water often cause.

Anti-bacterial - Antibacterial agents will kill bacteria which are often found in faeces.

Antipruritic - Natural antipruritic plant extracts including chamomile and witch hazel, reduce itching, helping to calm irritated skin, reduce patient touching and itching, thus allowing better healing.

Barrier protection - Provides a barrier to unwanted moisture which in turn allows for quicker healing. As the barrier protection is already in the wipe there is no need for the use of additional barrier creams, thereby reducing the amount of sensitive skin handling and friction damage. Deodorising - Gentle scent helps neutralise odours. Soothing - Natural plant extracts including chamomile and witch hazel, provide anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, allowing patients to feel fresh and comfortable.

1. Wear recommended protection.

2. Remove one wipe from the pack.

3. Wiping from front to back, starting with the perineum to the buttocks, wipe in one direction.

4. Change wipe if it becomes dry or soiled and discard. Discard all wipes in the appropriate waste bin. Let the body air and dry.