Carell Bed Bath Shampoo Cap


Carell Bed Bath Shampoo Cap is Simple, quick and easy to use rinse-free pre-saturated shampoo cap provides the perfect way to clean and moisturise dry hair without washing.

Our revolutionary cap is designed to be used on dry hair when traditional bathing is not an option. By massaging the cap contents into the scalp it removes oil, grease and dirt leaving your hair feeling clean, soft and healthy.

Packet Quantity: 1 shampoo cap
Carton Quantity: 24 shampoo caps

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Carell Bed Bath Shampoo Caps

Carell Bed Bath Shampoo Caps are impregnated with a rinse free shampoo to clean and soften the hair.

Designed for use on incapacitated patients, the cap is massaged directly onto a patient's hair and scalp to remove oil and dirt whilst leaving the patient feeling clean and refreshed. The shampoo cap is designed to use on dry hair and is also rinse free.

The Carell Bed Bath Shampoo Cap is a safer and more efficient option to traditional wash bowl methods. It reduces the risk of water spills and cross infection between wash bowls. Each pack contains one large shampoo cap. One shampoo cap is designed for a single patient use and will cleanse the head and hair. The cap can be used warmed (in a Clinell Warmer or microwave) or un-warmed (straight from the pack) for a pleasant patient experience.

Product Code PRSHMC1
Brand Carell
Carton Quantity 24 shampoo caps
Packet Quantity 1 shampoo cap

1. Can be used unwarmed or heated. To heat pack, store in a warmer before use or microwave for 15 seconds. Micowave times may vary depending on power. Test temperature after heating and before use. Do not reheat.

2. Place shampoo cap over your hair ensuring it is all covered.

3. Massage your head all over for 2-3 minutes to make sure hair is completely saturated.

4. To ensure longer hair is thoroughly washed, remove cap and work through the ends of hair.

5. Remove cap and towel dry if required.

6. Discard of the cap in the appropriate waste bin.


How to use Carell Shampoo Cap:

How to use Carell Shampoo Cap